Every day our commitment is to bring you authentic traditional artisan delights and wholesome honest to goodness food.

Our old-world recipes have been built upon a foundation of time-honoured production methods made in the traditional fashion but with new passion and meticulous technique.

Our principles are simple yet timeless- deliver the finest authentic and innovative products using a quality local ingredient that is sustainably sourced and give pleasure to our customers.

Everything we create is in-house and flows with the seasons - that is the balance of reason and feeling we give to celebrating the best.

Our team share the love of work well done and the joy of offering our customers the very best each day in a setting that is enchanting and unique.

We're not just a bakery, we’re your go-to saviour for a meal on the run, your Saturday morning tradition and your afternoon adventure with the kids. Feel welcome and at home with flavours revived from days gone by, to discover and share with a sense of delight. We see the universe in a grain of wheat and paradise in a wildflour.